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The State of Jammu and Kashmir is known for its Basohli Paintings all over the world. Recently the tradition of miniature paintings available in Kashmir has also been unearthed. The fresco paintings of Ramnagar (Jammu) and Alchi Gompa (Leh) are the living testimony to the flourishing traditions of painting in this part of the country.

But to keep pace with the modern world of art, it was thought expedient to organise schemes for the benefit of local artists so as to enable them to keep pace with their brother artists in rest of the world :-
Revival of Bhagat Theatre in Kashmir
Theatre Festivals
Theatre and Playwrite Workshops
National Theatre Festivals
Academy's Own Play Productions
Folk Festivals
Music Programmes
Inter State Cultural Exchange Programme
Children's Activites
International Visits State Cultural Troupes
Production Of Audio Cassettes